Review: The Multiverse of Max Tovey

The Multiverse of Max Tovey The Multiverse of Max Tovey by Alastair Swinnerton
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I was incredibly fortunate to receive a copy of this book from the publisher, European Geeks Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

What a wild ride! THE MULTIVERSE OF MAX TOVEY is an exciting YA time travel adventure filled with lots of twists and turns and steeped in Celtic mythology. Fourteen-year-old Max Tovey lives with a recurrent nightmare of fighting in a brutal battle (against the Romans) set in ancient Britain. By day, he leads an ordinary life of school, though he remains apart from his parents and classmates. Because he's anxiety-prone and has trouble with focusing, Max sees a therapist and takes psychotropic medications, believing he has psychological issues--but, in fact, his parents have hidden the truth from him.

Like his dying grandfather, Max is a time-traveller. What he sees in his nightmares are memories of a reality that his grandfather changed to save Max's life.

As if this weren't mind-bending enough, Max inherits a quest. He must find and destroy the Majyga--several objects (a brooch, a ring, and a coin) that enable the user to willfully time travel to a particular point in time, the point of each object's origin--to prevent the objects from being collected and exploited by his grandfather's rival. Unfortunately for Max, his efforts to fulfill this quest lead to some pretty huge timeline changes and cause a potentially catastrophic time rift. In one reality, the Roman empire never lost its power and developed technology far more advanced than what we use today, like flying ships that sound like something straight out of The Terminator. In another reality, he prevented his own existence. In another, his grandfather is still alive, and parents are active in the war effort and have always been open with him about the family's time-traveling legacy.

While Max struggles to meet the challenge of repairing the timeline, he must also locate the Cross of Tofig and accept his role as the savior, the destined one who can time travel at-will and who will defeat his grandfather's rival once and for all.

I had a blast reading Max's adventure and watching his journey from an introverted kid to a full-fledged hero. Oh, and along the way, he has a sweet romance with Myvi, a first-century girl who ended up being raised in present day. She's an awsome, fun, and loyal girl who stands by Max even in a reality in which they'd never met. If you're looking for a great time travel adventure, this is definitely one to check out!

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