Friday, September 18, 2015

THE MIRRORMASTERS Has Found a Publishing Home!

I'm so excited to announce that I have signed the contract with Clean Reads (formerly Astraea Press) for my debut novel, THE MIRRORMASTERS! Clean Reads publishes books free of profanity, graphic violence, or explicit intimacy--a mission I'm proud to become part of. More details will be forthcoming, but the release will be ebook first. 

It's been quite a journey to reach this point! Over the past few years on and off, I queried MIRRORMASTERS. A couple years back, I submitted to Astraea Press following a full request from a Savvy Authors pitch opportunity. It didn't work out at that time, but I kept querying, revising, getting feedback from beta readers, more revising, and more querying. And then, following #pit2pub in July, two of my pitches were favorited by Stephanie Taylor, owner and Editor-In-Chief of Clean Reads, and my full manuscript was requested. After doing a little dance of joy, I submitted again, noting that I'd made substantial revisions since my previous submission, and a few weeks later, I woke up to a lovely email that included a contract!

Thank you to everyone at Novelty Fiction, AQC, QueryTracker, WriteOnCon, and everyone who has generously offered their time and feedback, and knowledge of the publishing industry!  You've all been so wonderful, supportive, and a tremendous help! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Review: The Multiverse of Max Tovey

The Multiverse of Max Tovey The Multiverse of Max Tovey by Alastair Swinnerton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was incredibly fortunate to receive a copy of this book from the publisher, European Geeks Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

What a wild ride! THE MULTIVERSE OF MAX TOVEY is an exciting YA time travel adventure filled with lots of twists and turns and steeped in Celtic mythology. Fourteen-year-old Max Tovey lives with a recurrent nightmare of fighting in a brutal battle (against the Romans) set in ancient Britain. By day, he leads an ordinary life of school, though he remains apart from his parents and classmates. Because he's anxiety-prone and has trouble with focusing, Max sees a therapist and takes psychotropic medications, believing he has psychological issues--but, in fact, his parents have hidden the truth from him.

Like his dying grandfather, Max is a time-traveller. What he sees in his nightmares are memories of a reality that his grandfather changed to save Max's life.

As if this weren't mind-bending enough, Max inherits a quest. He must find and destroy the Majyga--several objects (a brooch, a ring, and a coin) that enable the user to willfully time travel to a particular point in time, the point of each object's origin--to prevent the objects from being collected and exploited by his grandfather's rival. Unfortunately for Max, his efforts to fulfill this quest lead to some pretty huge timeline changes and cause a potentially catastrophic time rift. In one reality, the Roman empire never lost its power and developed technology far more advanced than what we use today, like flying ships that sound like something straight out of The Terminator. In another reality, he prevented his own existence. In another, his grandfather is still alive, and parents are active in the war effort and have always been open with him about the family's time-traveling legacy.

While Max struggles to meet the challenge of repairing the timeline, he must also locate the Cross of Tofig and accept his role as the savior, the destined one who can time travel at-will and who will defeat his grandfather's rival once and for all.

I had a blast reading Max's adventure and watching his journey from an introverted kid to a full-fledged hero. Oh, and along the way, he has a sweet romance with Myvi, a first-century girl who ended up being raised in present day. She's an awsome, fun, and loyal girl who stands by Max even in a reality in which they'd never met. If you're looking for a great time travel adventure, this is definitely one to check out!

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

An Exciting YA Time Travel Adventure: THE MULTIVERSE OF MAX TOVEY Blog Tour!

If you love time travel stories, THE MULTIVERSE OF Max Tovey by Alastair Swinnerton is another fantastic read from European Geeks Publishing. It's a wild, exciting adventure that twists and plays with multiple realities (as in, lots of things change in unexpected ways as a result of messing around with time), which makes it super fun. I'll be posting my full review of it soon, here and on goodreads.

This week is the blog tour event, and I'm honored to be part of it as the last stop on the tour! Check out the book giveaway, author and book info, and don't forget to stop by the other blogs on the tour. There's a few excerpts to read, too, and I've got one of them for you in this post.  Enjoy!

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About the book:
Title: The Multiverse of Max Tovey
Author: Alastair Swinnerton
Genre: Young Adult Time Travel

Synopsis: Fourteen year old Max Tovey’s world is blown apart when he discovers that his problems are nothing to do with him, and everything to do with being a Time Traveller. Following his mysterious grandfather’s funeral, Max finds himself on a wild journey through first century Celtic Britain, real and mythological, as his every action threatens to change the past, and his future.
Max battles demons – both real and psychological – on his mission to find the legendary Montacute Cross, stolen by his Viking ancestor Tofig, in order to close the gates to the Underworld, and lift the curse on his family.

Author bio: Alastair has been writing for children’s television for over twenty five years. Among his many credits are ‘The Wombles’, ‘Sabrina, Secrets of a Teenage Witch’, and the Bafta-nominated CBBC Christmas Special ‘The Tale of Jack Frost’, which he wrote, co-produced and co-directed. He was also one the co-creators of Lego® Bionicle®. ‘The Multiverse of Max Tovey’ is his first Young Adult novel.
Alastair lives in Somerset with his family, and spends much of his spare time walking the dog, more often than not at his beloved Ham Hill.

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Book Excerpt:

“So now you can find what you seek,” whispered the Chieftain.
Max pulled The Coin from his pocket, which now glowed very brightly, and hummed very loudly. Hoping desperately that it wouldn’t wake the General, Max walked slowly towards the end of his bed, as The Coin was directing him to, until he came to a wooden chest.
“It must be in there,” he whispered, before very very carefully opening the lid. Inside, the chest was full of coins.
“How do we find the right one?” whispered Myvi. But they didn’t need to – for just outside the chest, was one coin that had fallen out, now pressed into the ground by the General’s boot. And it was glowing. As Max, Myvi and the Chieftain watched in amazement, The Coin began to glow, and hum, and then rise slowly out of the ground.
“What is this magic...?” said Rhydderch, a little afraid despite himself.
The coin continued to rise, until it was at Max’s waist. Tentatively Max held out The Majyga Coin in his palm under the one that was rising, until the two were touching. And then there was a blast of light, and both coins disappeared.
“What...?!” said Vespasian, waking suddenly, and on seeing Max, Myvi and Rhydderch immediately called out.
“You?! I told you I’d kill you if I saw you again! Guards!”
Vespasian leapt out of bed and grabbed his sword as two guards with their own swords out rushed in. But then all three were stopped in their tracks as a strange glow began to form between them and Max and the others, a glow that was slowly taking form, and which, with a deep, deep growl, now became flesh, a huge man, easily seven feet tall, dressed in glowing silver armour, and carrying a long, barbed, razor sharp silver sword.
“You wish to destroy The Coin...?” came a voice out of it that was even lower than a Gurt Dog’s. Max was staring wildly at the apparition, but somehow managed to nod.
“Then you must destroy me, for I am The Coin!”
Max ducked the first sword swipe, astonishingly fast for one so big, but one of the guards didn’t, and fell instantly dead.
“What is this?!” yelled Vespasian as he managed to parry a second blow, before leaping out of the bed chamber and into the Hall proper.
“Never mind what it is!” yelled Max, as he and the others followed the General, fleeing the demon soldier. “If you want to live, you’ll have to help us kill it!”
More soldiers ran into the Great Hall now, until many dozens surrounded the Demon. No match for the Demon’s lightening quick sword work, they fell as quickly as they arrived. Vespasian now ran up behind the Demon as it was occupied with two of his men and ran it through with his sword. Nothing happened. The Demon merely turned toward Vespasian and laughed.
You cannot kill me!” it yelled, pointing its sword at Max and Myvi. “Only they can kill me!”
“I think we’re in trouble,” said Max, hugging his sword to his chest.
“You may be right,” said Myvi, instinctively ducking a blow from the Demon, memory of many fights now returning to her. She rolled across the floor, parrying another blow, before bringing her own blade up at its sword arm, but it went right through, with no effect. The Demon laughed again.
“All they have to do is work out how!”
But now Myvi was pointing at Max’s sword.
“Max! Your sword! It’s glowing!”
The Demon growled low now, backing away as Max advanced towards it, his now glowing sword held out in front. He just hoped he could remember how to do this.
“How did you get it to glow?” said Myvi.
“I think I must have touched it against The Brooch!” said Max, slashing at the Demon, but the Demon slashed back, heavily, again and again, forcing Max to desperately parry time after time before falling to the ground. The Demon advanced on him now, and put its sword to his throat.
“You cannot beat me,” growled the Demon. “The Coin is not for destroying!”
“Oh yes it is!” yelled Myvi, and before the Demon knew what was happening, with one movement she touched her sword to The Brooch then brought it up fast, taking the Demon’s head clean off its shoulders. 
The blast of sound and light this time knocked everyone to their feet, but then receded, and faded to nothing. After a moment, Max leant up on one elbow, looked around, then felt in his pocket. The Coin was gone.