Upcoming Writer Contest Alert

Hey, fellow writers! I want to share a contest alert with you guys.

Michelle Hauck is gearing up for another lovely contest for unagented writers who have a completed, finished and query-ready manuscript. Get ready for Query Kombat! The entry window opens May 22nd at 5:30 pm Eastern time and lasts for an hour. So, you still have plenty of time to get those submissions polished to perfection. Check here for more info.

The fun thing about contests is the connections you make with other writers on twitter while you all wait together to see whose entries are chosen, no matter how it all turns out. Give a shout out if you're planning to join in!

For me, I'll probably stop by and cheer you all on, but I'm going to focus on my short stories and editing my second novel. I''ll try to get RED SKY all shiny and sparkly by this time next year--if not sooner, which would be awesome-- and will definitely try my luck with contests again.

Best of luck, everyone!


  1. Fantastic contest! Thanks for your information and keep sharing.


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