Writing Success Goal Sunday #2

Picture Courtesy of pippalou at MorgueFile

Setting writing goals and keeping track of progress can be a great way to achieve success. They'll also serve as a reminder to enjoy and celebrate the smaller, short-term accomplishments along the journey. Each week, I'll post my writing goals and invite you all to post yours and update us on your progress. I've seen something like this on another blog where it's a summer feature, and it seems like a great way to encourage each other as a regular feature here.

This week, here are my writing goals;

1. Finish reading KNIGHT OF LIGHT and write my review. I'll post it here and on Goodreads.

2. Write at least 200 words a day on my WIP, BENEATH THE RED SKY. Next up, my mc Kassi will be having dinner with her parents, her new friends Jacqueline and Noah, and she just may find out why the heck those two had a huge falling out in their past. After that, Kassi's first excavation training turns out to be much more of a challenge than she hoped, and she'll discover she's got obstacles to overcome if she's going to secure a spot for herself on the team.

3. Fight the urge to obsessively check my inbox! It's so hard to distract myself when I'm querying (I'd forgotten how difficult the wait can be), but hopefully if I can focus on writing, it'll help :). 

That's it for me. Next week I'll let you all know how it went! What are your writing goals for the week? 


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