This week turned out to be productive, despite a really slow start with writing. That was because through most of the week, I focused on querying MIRRORMASTERS and sent out 7 queries. So, I didn't actually get any writing done on BENEATH THE RED SKY until this weekend, but between yesterday and today, I wrote over 1,400 words. Just having that goal in writing and knowing that I'd have to report on my progress here helped me push through to get it done. To me, that's a success because I reached my total word count goal for the week :). I also finished reading KNIGHT OF LIGHT several days ago and completed today the other goal I'd wanted to accomplish--writing my review. Here it is, posted here from Goodreads:

Knight of Light (The Watchers, #1)Knight of Light by Deirdra Eden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm so excited to have been contacted to host a book tour for KNIGHT OF LIGHT on my blog. This is a charming fantasy about a girl named Auriella, who discovers that she has a unique ability and a destiny to fight as a knight of light against evil shadow lords. I loved reading Auriella's journey as she goes from being an orphan servant girl who doesn't believe she's brave but risks her life to save two little kids from a fire, to a feisty, resourceful heroine who will do whatever it takes to escape those who would threaten her and her friends, to a talented and confident young knight in training.

From the gripping opening pages to its thrilling conclusion, this book hooked me and didn't let go. I highly recommend it to fans of fantasy from middle grade readers on.

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How did I do with my third goal, refraining from compulsively checking my inbox for query replies? Um. Yeah. That was more of a challenge, I have to say. Maybe I'll just accept that I'm going to be checking for emails when I get the chance and drop the idea of making a goal about decreasing that behavior.

Looking ahead to next week, here are my goals:

1. Again, I want to write 200 words a day on RED SKY. I made it through the dinner scene basically, so next up, Kassi and Noah have to share with Jacqueline the troubling conversation she overheard between the shady Colonel James and someone else, a conversation related to more disasters about to befall Mars Colony 1. Then, there's Kassi's next excavation class, which could spell disaster for her new dreams, the only dreams she has left to cling to after having to give up becoming a ballerina to move to Mars with her family.

2. This week, I want to read fellow AQC'er Vicki L. Weavil's new release, CROWN OF ICE, a retelling of the Snow Queen fairytale. I'll post my review here and on Goodreads.

How did you do with your writing goals last week, and what do you want to accomplish this week?


  1. I'm on the last action chapter of my WIP. Must get it done this week! And I'm also reading Crown of Ice.

    Good luck with your goals.

  2. Congrats, MIchelle! That's so exciting to be that close to finishing writing the WIP :). Best of luck to you, too, with your chapter. Ooh, can't wait to start reading Crown of Ice. I'll probably start it tonight.


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