Spam Attack!

Yes, my blog has been infected by the dreaded spam attack. You might know the signs--those random comments that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic of your post, are filled with misspellings, and contain links to sites that have nothing to do with the subject of your blog and can sometimes be...let's just say not very family-friendly. Which I do not want on my family-friendly site.

Oh, and many of these comments have either glowing praise, even though it's obviously from a spam bot who hasn't actually read the posts,  or "criticisms" that may be designed to hurt the ranking of your site.  And by that I mean outright lies about issues your blog doesn't actually have--like formatting or load times. I think the spammers are even trying to hurt my blog's reputation by posting backlinks to my site as spam comments, that appear to be from me but actually aren't (hear that, Google and any awesome readers who happen to stumble on this site as a result? It's not me.), on other blogs. Yikes! 

Blogger luckily has a really good spam filter, so it's easy to just go into my spam comments and click delete without their ever being published. Still, the spam attack Just. Won't. Quit. Every single day--and this has been going on for weeks now--the spam comments keep on coming. You, my lovely readers, fortunately won't have to see them. I can't worry about the backlinks left to my site, but I can keep this site clean for you all.

I have now had to adjust my post settings so that I have to approve comments before they post. It is a major, major shame that I've needed to take this step, but I promise I will be checking the pending comments, so you shouldn't notice too much delay before your comment posts. 

The worst part, though? You might notice that tons of your comments have disappeared from my posts, comments I treasure and am heartbroken to lose. One accidental click of the delete button when I was looking at ALL post comments and thought I was looking at just the SPAM ones, did that.

EVIL spammers.

Anyway, how have you all dealt with spam attacks? Hopefully most of you have been lucky enough never to have experienced it. But if you have been, know that you have my deepest empathy and support.


  1. Hello, Lora. It's been a while. I've been getting spam comments on my blog for well over two years now. But like you've already pointed out, the Google spam filters are quite good at filtering them out, which is probably why I just tend to ignore them. :)

  2. Hi, Michael! It's good to hear from you :). It has been awhile. I'm glad the spam filters work well for you and that you're able to ignore those comments. I could ignore them as well, but decided to clear out that section every day or so to keep them from building up. Maybe I should have just left them alone, though, and I'd still have all the real comments people have generously taken their time to post...

    Anyway, just have to keep on blogging! :)


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