A Very Happy 2013 to you!

Happy New Year!

Hope you enjoy the new look of the blog. The sidebar disappeared in the process of playing around with design, so the layout is kind of stuck this way until I figure out how to fix it. 

First off, I want to let you all know about a super secret blog project by Beth Revis (author of the Across the Universe trilogy) and several other authors. I can't tell you anything more just yet, but today the authors involved will post a teaser trailer on their blogs. Beth Revis' blog is here. Check back tomorrow for more details if you get the chance. January 2nd is the big reveal about what this project is, and trust me, it's exciting! I'm so thrilled that I signed up to be part of promoting this and bringing it to you guys :).

May this new year--2013 (hard to believe it's already here!)-- find us reaching our writing goals and dreams. Last year was a year of making great progress. The MirrorMasters is close to being ready to send out into the world. Through Brenda Drake's PitchWars, I got a  taste of what it will be like, and some wonderful feedback! Moving forward, I'm excited to see what this year will bring, and I have my querying strategy together. Some great advice from researching on Agentqueryconnect and the Query Tracker forum is to query in batches of 10, to see what the rate of request is. If the query and initial pages garners interest after one or two batches, then great! If not, time to rework it.  If partials or fulls get no love, then time to re-visit the pages. 

Sometimes, the idea of getting a partial or full request seems so impossible because the pages have to be so unbelievably AMAZING, so flawless, so gripping that people just can't put them down. Are they? How much of that is just subjective, and there is an agent out there who will love the story?

Maybe the novel's not ready yet. Maybe it's still too long. Maybe some of the plot elements, like that it's a portal fantasy and that it's sort of a "chosen one" type storyline, might deter some agents. But if my only response from agents and/or publishers is silence, I'll know why. I'll know what to do next.

I've made some writing resolutions for this year: 

1. Finish that query that's already been through innumerable drafts.

2. Cull a 6-page synopsis into a second, short (1-2) page version.

3. Become more productive on this blog. Here, I know I should set a goal. I'd love to say that goal will be to post twice a week, but realistically it will be to post twice a month.

4. Write more short stories. And submit them for possible inclusion in anthologies.

5.  Start another novel, and finally begin sending the current one out into the world! 

Here's to us all reaching our writing goals this year! :) What are your writing-related New Year's Resolutions?


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