The 7X7 Link Award, RTW, and More!

A huge thanks to Michael Abayomi for this lovely award. I'm so excited to receive this, and to pass it along!  In order to do that, I first have to  list (and provide links) to my existing blog posts I feel fall into the following seven categories. So here it goes:

Most Beautiful Piece
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words....

Most Helpful Piece
Blog Tour: Interview with Mindy McGinnis

Most Popular Piece
Your Required Reading List

Most Controversial Piece
Words we Love, Words we Hate

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece
Your Writing Journey

Most Underrated Piece
YA Conversations: An End to Occlumency

Most Pride-Worthy Piece

And now, for the seven bloggers I award the 7 X 7 link award:

Katie at Writing With Cats
Samantha at Reading and Coffee
Karen Sandler
Ian Hiatt at Relics of Providence
Kate Scott
Stephanie Scott at A Girl and her Diary
Katharina Brendel at My Writing Journey

After a very long absence, I'm finally taking part in YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday again!

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question that begs to be answered. In the comments, you can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic. We'd love for you to participate!

In preparation for our Bookmobile discussion of Kody Keplinger's A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHTMARE, This Week's Topic Is:

How did you spend/how will you spend the summer after graduation?

It's been great fun seeing everyone's answers to this question! My summer after graduating high school was a blast! My parents took me on a four-day cruise to the Bahamas--my first cruise ever--on the Carnival Fantasy. The ship was like I imagine Vegas to be, both in decor and in the style of the shows. I spent most of the summer working in the local video store, which had been my part-time job for about a year by that point. Oh, and I did go to summer church camp at the beach for the final time. Just reading about others' camp experiences brought it all back today, and I so miss hanging out at the beach with friends, meeting in reflection groups to consider different topics about God and His presence in our lives, and going to Vespers each night. Oh, and let's not forget the talent shows! So. Much. Fun.

What was your post-graduation summer like? What would you have liked to have done?

Oh, and I have an announcement to make of a new, upcoming blog event, but since this post is already getting long and my time very short, I will leave it at that for now and make the announcement in a new post very soon!


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