Eye Candy Inspiration

This Week's YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday Topic:
What images inspire/ represent your WIP or favorite book?

UPDATED 7/28/12

I love this topic! Ok, I had a few pics that represent my WIP, but removed them. I may try to find the links again and include them here. A recent case where a blogger was sued by the owner of a picture she had on her blog has raised awareness of the copyright infringement issue. So I won't be posting pictures unless they're mine, were created by me, are under a creative commons license, or I have express permission of the owner to use them. 

A seaside community near cliffs, where my MC Leah grew up...

A beautiful moon orbiting a ringed planet, like Leah's homeworld...

An airship, pretty close to how I envision the one Leah travels in on her homeworld, though I imagine it having some outdoor area like a cruise ship.

And finally, in honor of INSURGENT coming out next month (because I can't wait to read it!), here is a lovely train in Chicago:

What pictures inspire/represent YOUR favorite book and/or WIP?


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