Friday, April 13, 2012

Blog Event: Promoting QUARTER LIFE CRISIS by Diana-Ashley Krach

Cover for 'Quarter Life Crisis'

Diana-Ashley Krach is a fellow AQC'er with a new chick lit book, QUARTER LIFE CRISIS, available in ebook on Smashwords in a variety of formats. To snag it for free, use coupon code GU44D. This offer expires May 12th.

About Quarter Life Crisis (from the Smashwords site):

Sam is incapable of having a girlfriend because of her trust issues, and prefers to be alone with the exception of her close circle of friends. Matti is always putting herself before others, especially when it comes to her boyfriends. Jayden is the independent one who doesn't play by any dating rules, yet she is always in a monogamous relationship. These girls don't fit the typical mold of the female stereotype, as babies and marriage were never on their radar. Though, when one of the girls, Jayden, actually gets married, a rift starts to develop between them. In order to mend the rift, they go on a camping trip. What starts as a simple camping trip, quickly turns into a journey of discovery and self-revelation, as each girl comes face-to-face with the woman they have become. They are quickly forced to realize that friends may be forever, but time will always change the friendships. 

Sounds fantastic, right? It's getting great ratings already, and I will be checking it out. Diana has also expressed willingness to follow up with a guest post here, so check back with the events page for an update.  I should note, especially since this mainly is a YA-related blog, that there is an adult content rating on the book, so it's basically for the over-17 crowd.

About Diana:

Born in Portland, Maine, Diana-Ashley began her literary career after moving to Baltimore, Maryland. She has since become a star in the realms of Poetry, Advertising, Short Fiction, and Fiction. Diana-Ashley now lives with her husband, and fellow writer, James Krach in South Florida.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eye Candy Inspiration

This Week's YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday Topic:
What images inspire/ represent your WIP or favorite book?

UPDATED 7/28/12

I love this topic! Ok, I had a few pics that represent my WIP, but removed them. I may try to find the links again and include them here. A recent case where a blogger was sued by the owner of a picture she had on her blog has raised awareness of the copyright infringement issue. So I won't be posting pictures unless they're mine, were created by me, are under a creative commons license, or I have express permission of the owner to use them. 

A seaside community near cliffs, where my MC Leah grew up...

A beautiful moon orbiting a ringed planet, like Leah's homeworld...

An airship, pretty close to how I envision the one Leah travels in on her homeworld, though I imagine it having some outdoor area like a cruise ship.

And finally, in honor of INSURGENT coming out next month (because I can't wait to read it!), here is a lovely train in Chicago:

What pictures inspire/represent YOUR favorite book and/or WIP?