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What has your writing road trip looked like so far? Excitement? Traffic Jams and detours? Where are you going next?

First, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to YA Highway on the 100th Road Trip Wednesday! What a great topic to celebrate this epic milestone!

So far, my writing road trip has been a two-year long, leisurely drive along scenic back roads just to take in the gorgeous sights, meet awesome people,  and visit fun, exciting new places.  It's been an amazing adventure, and I have learned so much. I started on this journey pretty much without a map except for a brief outline of what would happen in the story. Along the way I've started to see the writing world, learn what's out there, found out so much about the craft to apply to my WIP, and started thinking about the next stops on the journey.

I've been posting regularly on this blog, and have met some AMAZING people by being part of Road Trip Wednesday's blog carnival.  I became part of a writer's group, Novelty Fiction, and have a short story and a microfiction published in their monthly magazine. Another short story of mine was published online at Flash Paranormal Fiction.  I attended an online YA writers' conference, Write On Con. Rejection has also been part of the journey. A contest entry of mine wasn't chosen for the semifinalists. I submitted another short story to an anthology with a fabulous premise, but I sent it off too soon without considering whether the ending was really the right choice for the story. So, I got a lovely personalized rejection.

Now I've reached my first destination on the journey: completing the first draft of my WIP.  My next stop: Editsville.  It's been a fun place to play around in as I tighten and polish the prose. I have a lovely crit partner now.  The biggest challenge--the one I haven't really faced yet--is going to be figuring out what to cut. I've got at least 30K words to trim somehow.

When the story is in solid shape and as ready as possible,  I'll send it off to the founder of Novelty Fiction. He has very generously offered a grant that involves critique and an edit of The MirrorMasters.  If this leads to a publication offer, fantastic! If not, I'll dust myself off and keep working, then query.

I don't know where this journey will lead, but I do know this. I have found my passion. I'll keep writing and loving it, whatever happens. And one day,  I will have a novel published.

A toast to RTW, and a toast to all of us. Enjoy the journey on the way to wherever it takes us! =)


  1. My journey has been like waking up in a ditch and realizing I wanted to be on the road :) Lots of work, constant neurosis but the conviction I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

  2. Lovely journey! And yeah, we do meet some great people along the way. I'll second that!

  3. Mindy, It is tons of work, but so rewarding. And as long as you're writing, you're making progress--so you're not in the ditch, but cruising along =).

    Such a great feeling, to have that conviction that we're doing the thing we were meant to do!

  4. Thanks, Escape Artist! It has been amazing to meet so many great writers as part of this journey. I love that we have this whole community to support and encourage each other.

  5. Your journey sounds like it has been great. Who doesn't want to wander the back roads at a leisurely pace? :)

  6. All the best with the critique and edits, Lora. I did some major editing on my novel before I started querying, and I cut scenes that I thought I would never cut. But the story could stand without them, so they went. It's hard, but you can do it--because the story's worth it.

  7. Yay Editsville! It's one of my favorite places. And I'm with you on the scenic beginnings... sometimes the best way to get where you want to go is by not traveling a straight line. Good luck with edits!!

  8. Ditto! I couldn't agree (or relate) more with what you've written here. Best of luck in your edits!

  9. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to cut 30k ;) Good luck!

  10. The cutting part is so hard! I cut 2,000 words from my book last week, and it felt like trimming a bonsai--always with that fear that you'll only know when you've cut too much when you're past that point! Fortunately, there is an "undo" for editing if not for pruning bonsai.

  11. @Kaitlin - It has been great so far! Definitely liking the nice, leisurely pace, but looking forward to things to come and hitting the highway.

    @ Colin - Great advice! Now I just have to figure out which scenes those are.

    @ Sarah - Thanks =)! I have to say, I'm really enjoying Editsville so far. It's lots of work, but a great stop along the scenic route.

    @ Jaime - Thanks so much! Best of luck to you in your writing!

    @ Miss Cole - Thanks! I can believe that it's not as hard as it might seem. The cutting itself will be fairly easy. The more challenging part is stepping back and thinking carefully about where it needs to happen.

    @ Angelica - Congrats! I think I've trimmed about that much so far. Thank goodness for having an "undo" (aka a previous version).

  12. Editsville is one of my favorite places, too. Enjoy it and send postcards!

  13. Yay, go for it. I recommend 'self editing for fiction writers' by Rennie Browne and Dave king. It's a great book for helping you to know what to look for in editing.

  14. Thanks, Tahlia! I've heard about that one. I just checked it out and ordered it.

    There's so much to get done it's almost overwhelming, but having a crit partner has been such a terrific help. It's slow going. Still, my rough draft is getting whipped into shape much more quickly than it would have otherwise, I think.

  15. Thanks for sharing your road trip, Lora! You are very dedicated, and MirrorMasters sounds quite intriguing.

    I've written about 5 novels, but only revised one of them seriously, which I queried a bit. But it looks like it'll need a liiiiittle more revision before anyone will take it. Only a few months ago, I discovered blogging as a great way to connect. It's really exciting to meet other writers through my blog and sites like QT. I think I found you on twitter, but I'm following you here too!

  16. So glad for the follow here and on Twitter, Rain! =)

    Blogging has been such a great way to connect, and it has been so exciting meeting such awesome people. Best of luck with the querying. I'm so impressed that you've completed five novels!


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