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This Week's Topic:
What's your numero-uno reason for writing?

Fantastic question! I would say my number one reason for writing is the sheer fun of creating and breathing life into new characters, new worlds--and getting them into all kinds of trouble.  I also enjoy the process of working through the edits to tighten up prose, play with words, and make it all better until the writing is something I'm happy with and that others will enjoy.  I have a looooong way to go with my manuscript--short stories are much easier--but it will get there. Hopefully.

What's your #1 reason for writing?  I can't wait to see how everyone else answers!


  1. Great answer, Lora! I'm the opposite on one of your points, though... for me, short stories are FAR more difficult. Maybe I'm too wordy? I need a full novel to spit a legit story out. :)

  2. AWESOME answer. I completely agree--there's nothing better than creating characters and worlds, and then finding exactly the right words to describe them. (Of course, the reactions you get when people read those words is pretty amazing, too.) Great post!

  3. Creation. What a rush it is! That's why I would like to title myself 'creator' instead of just 'writer' or 'illustrator'. Some people would probably think that's egotistical though.

    It's just a lot of fun to make a character, and dump a ton of conflict on them, just to see how they'll get out of it. So, yes, I see where you're coming from!

    My reason is slightly different, though. I like to share, and pull people into my stories. Infiltrate their lives and their heads with my worlds and my characters. That's a bit of godlike power, right there!

  4. Hah, I'm one of those weirdoes who also likes editing. You're right, it fun!

  5. I love to create fictional worlds unlike the one we live in day to day. There is something to being able to create a story that flows and moves in the direction one chooses, though sometimes taking unexpected and unplanned twists.
    It is the journey I enjoy more than the end of it.

  6. Katy, I so hear you! Short stories have really been great practice in editing to get rid of wordiness. I have so much to trim from my unwieldy novel....and novels just seem to be a bit more challenge. Keeping track of everything when you have so many pages isn't easy. But it's been fun. Slow going, but fun.

    Thanks, Francesca! There's nothing like finding the right words to describe what you're creating. I'm so with you, too, on the reactions when people read your words =).

    Donelle, so true! It's such a rush to create, and to be able to share with others what you've created.

    Sarah, it totally is. I'm really enjoying the process and seeing how much improvement there has been as I revise the first/rough draft. Now if only there were a way to get the editing to go more quickly...

    Royce, so do I! It's why I love writing so much, especially fantasy. The journey is amazing, though I do confess to wanting to reach the end of a draft.

  7. What a great question! I enjoy exploring characters, and the rhythm and beauty of language. And I *have* to write - these stories won't let me go!

  8. Thanks, Deniz! You've given an awesome, lovely answer =)

  9. I enjoy encouraging people thru my words and i enjoy it.

  10. Writing is me being me. I can cook and sew. I've even knitted, but the only time I feel truly at ease with myself is when I'm with my words. Writing is like eating. I love, and have to do both. Really good post.

  11. Thanks, Valentina =)! You've beautifully expressed the need and passion of the drive to write!


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