Deja'vu: Common themes and Places

This week's fabulous YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday prompt asks:

What themes, setting, motifs, scenes, or other elements do you find reoccurring in your work?

Ooh, great one! I think for me the common themes are rebelling against authority and finding your purpose in life.  The troubles the characters get into--or the triumphs they achieve--as a result make for powerful stories that resonate. There's just something so fun about writing them.  I also love creating settings from my own imagination rather than setting stories in an actual place I've been, and bringing in paranormal, fantasy, sci fi, or dystopian elements to the plot.

The beach is a place that keeps popping up in some of my stories. I just love tropical locations, palm trees, soft sands, and calm waters you can get out an swim in.

I can't wait to see what everyone else has chosen!


  1. Oh yes I love the beach! And rebelling against authority is a theme I usually have!

  2. Wow, we're the opposite-- creating new settings is like kryptonite for me. :)

  3. I'm with Kate! I get scared making up entirely new worlds, it seems so intimidating! But I'm glad you like writing that, because I love reading it :)

    However, I definitely incorporate beaches into what I write. Or just bodies of water generally.

  4. Your description of the beach makes me realize I really need a vacation. *sigh*

  5. I LOVE that you favor the beach as a setting... me too! It's such a diverse place and can symbolize all kinds of moods and emotions. Good call!

  6. Rebelling against authority is a theme I love to use. Endlessly interesting.

  7. Ooh, I know what you mean--I love putting my setting somewhere I've never been. Like, the majority of one of my books takes place either on beaches/the frozen north/dense urban areas. I've never been to the beach/really cold places, and cities freak me out but I love the idea of them.

  8. Creating new settings? I love that too! Are you a world-builder, or do you prefer to just alter already existing settings to fit your stories?

  9. I like creating new settings, too. Sometimes I'll base it off of a certain place and then change elements of it. Other times I'll make it a mishmash of places.

  10. It's interesting that you got a few comments saying how intimidating creating a new world can be--I find it to be really freeing. Almost too many choices!

    You could almost say finding yourself is what YA is all about, but I love reading them. Especially characters that are so very sure of what they want, only to find that what they need is something entirely different.

  11. @ Jess - Yay that we have that theme of rebelling against authority in common! So wish I lived near a good beach...

    @ Kate - Hehe, I never realized how daunting it could seem to create a setting until reading some of the comments in here about it! To me it seems more daunting to try to vividly and accurately depict a real place than to invent one!

    @ Sarah Enni - So glad you love reading about invented settings and worlds! So do I, and I guess that's part of why it's what I write :)

    @icountwords- Hope you get your vacation soon! September is a great time to go to the beach before it gets too cool...

    @Katy- So true. That's definitely one of the things I love about the beach. I think you've just given me some good inspiration!

    @Sarah - So true. There are so many ways to tell a story with this theme, and it gets people invested in seeing the rebels succeed.

    @ Francesca- Really cold places would not be fun. Lol, I'm as far north as I'd want to be. Sounds like you've got great settings for your story, and it is fun to just totally bring to life a setting from imagination.

    @ Donelle - I'm totally a world builder. Part of my story takes place in an imaginary seaside town in California, but then my MC ends up on a whole other world.

    @ Tracey - It's fun to take inspiration from different places and put it all together to create something unique.

    @ Angelica - Ohh, that's a fun twist on the theme of finding yourself. I don't think I've done that yet with any of my mc's; part of their journey just tends to be finding what they're meant to do.

  12. I love making up new settings! I think that's the main attraction for me as far as writing fantasy goes.

  13. For me, too, Stephanie. After the story itself, imagining the settings is one of my favorite things in writing fantasy. I love that you can make it whatever you want it to be!


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