Opportunities Everywhere!

It seems that everywhere I look these days, there's opportunities for all sorts of writing contests. Figment.com has them monthly. Some of the groups I'm part of on goodreads has them. I find contest info on YA Highway and AgentQuery Connect.

It's great, because it's all exciting and new to me at this stage. It doesn't matter whether I even win. I just love the idea of coming up with a short story. If nothing else, I'll have new work, and maybe gain more readership by taking advantage of all these awesome opportunities.

Here's one I just came across: an online publication of a YA paranormal story of 1, 000 words or less. Submissions info here at flash paranormal fiction.

So, I have a writing to-do list. I want to enter at least one short story contest. I want to submit a query critique and/or page critique to an agent in one of those contests that come along every now and then. I want to get together a group to establish a group blog. I'm definitely going to get everything that needs submitting (query, synopsis, manuscript) critiqued and polished to perfection before sending anything out for The MirrorMasters.  Those are the highlights of my to-do list.  What's on your to-do list?


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