Kiss and tell?

How did it happen that their lips came together? How does it happen that birds sing, that snow melts, that the rose unfolds, that the dawn whitens behind the stark shapes of trees on the quivering summit of the hill? A kiss, and all was said. ~Victor Hugo

Ok, so this week's YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday prompt is to compare your first kiss to the first kiss of your favorite characters. Getting personal, aren't we? Seriously, now! Anyway, weirdly enough, I so don't remember too many of those moments from the books I read as a teen. At least, not specifically. Though there was this one book where the main character's best friend advised pillow practice to prepare for that much-hyped first kiss. Would that really even help calm the nerves when the real moment arrives, or really help prepare you to know what to do?

I do remember that some books capture very well the insecurities about not being any good at it, or about being really awkward and completely embarrassing yourself. I also remember the books that describe that first kiss as the most magical, the most perfect, the most intense kiss imaginable. The sensations of butterflies in your stomach and tingling that sweeps through you all the way down to your toes. The dreamy feeling of floating. We grow up dreaming about that romantic first kiss.

The kisses I thought of were with Harry and Ginny, and later Ron and Hermione. Yes, I know, such a surprise that I'd think of the Harry Potter characters, right? The one with Harry and Ginny was a spontaneous, fierce passionate one, with blazing looks and rushing to each other and a crowd of Gryffindors cheering them on in the common room. A very cool first kiss--not that I'm much of a Harry-Ginny shipper. Then there's the one the following year with Ron and Hermione. That was sheer passion and intensity borne of waiting so long for that first kiss (it was about freaking time when it did happen)!

Was my first kiss all of that, and more? I don't kiss and tell.... ;) But I will say this. It's ok if the first kiss is less than magical. The magic, the love, the passion, the intensity and all of that comes when love and chemistry combine.

For those who do kiss and tell, feel free to leave the link to your post about it here for us to read and enjoy!


  1. So true! The magic and chemistry is not automatic. And that's a good thing!

  2. Maybe the problem is we all expect too much before our first kiss.

  3. I had someone try and tell me to practice kissing with my own hand, but I like the pillow idea better. It's less awkward, if that's possible...

  4. Part of the fun is the anxiety, right? Right? :/

  5. You're so right about the magic of the HARRY POTTER kisses--it's all about the years (and years!) of build up.

    Thanks for the kind comments you made about my excerpt on my blog... made my day! :)

  6. Rowling can write a kissing scene, that's for sure.

  7. Thanks for all the great comments! My computer ate my replies the last two times I tried this so, without further ado, I present take 3:

    @Katharine- A very good thing, because it makes the magic and chemistry all the more special when it happens!

    @Jennifer- Exactly! With all the books we read with these perfect, idealized first kisses, it's no wonder we all have such high expectations. There should be a disclaimer label or something along the lines of, "Actual first kisses may vary. The scenes depicted are very romanticized and may not be representative of what you will experience."

    @Jess- I never tried any practice beforehand, either with my hand or a pillow. It seems like a good strategy to ease the nerves about what the real thing will be like.

    @Kris & Kels - Ah, the fun and joys of anxiety. And anticipation, and fantasizing...

    @Katy - I really missed the intensity when they did the Harry-Ginny kiss in the movie. It should have had the blazing looks and fierceness of the book kiss! I did love that it was in the Room of Requirement, though. It's the coolest room in the whole castle :) Hopefully the Ron-Hermione kiss will be great and have that intensity from years of build up. Glad to have made your day with the comments on your excerpt. It was awesome, and I can only hope that my Brian-Leah kiss will turn out well when I get to write it.

    @loritaseastep- She sure can! And she didn't even need any flowery language to vividly convey the emotions and set the scene really well!

  8. Agreed - those first kisses don't have to be magical, but it's nice if they're somewhat memorable. :)

    Happy Easter!

  9. So true, Alison! Memorability is important :). Happy Easter!


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