The Exhilaration of Creation

Creating a complete story out of nothing but sheer limitless imagination, pen(s) and vast quantities of paper, and words you've typed into the computer is utterly exhilarating. You create characters you love, amazing worlds, fun plots, and inventive--often complex--relationships. Basically, you breathe life into a whole new universe! One that you get to live in and eventually, if all goes well, get to share with others. That, I think, is my favorite part of writing.

To finally, one day soon (hopefully), see the finished product will make the whole process with all its ups and downs worthwhile no matter what form that finished product turns out to be. Now that I'm getting close to finishing the first draft, even though there's still tons of work to be done, I'm anticipating just how exhilarating it's going to feel to know I've reached the first step of my goal by actually completing draft one of this mammoth task.

What's exhilarating also is how much you learn just in the process of writing that first book. Looking back at earlier chapters, I know I have far too many dialogue tags, an infodump start and other common novice mistakes, and lots of prose to polish and perfect. I also have ideas about what works in a scene and what doesn't, what each scene is trying to accomplish, and how to strengthen the prose to achieve that aim. By the time I'm finished draft one, I'll be equipped to go back and edit to make The MirrorMasters the best it can be. Maybe that leap of faith, and the belief that all the hard work will pay off in the form of a wonderful creation, is exhilarating, too.

So, what are your reflections on the process of writing and learning the craft? I'd love to hear from you!


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