Who's In Your Book?

YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday had a really awesome question this week, as usual. This one was a truly thought-provoking one. Who from your life is in your book? Is there an aspect of yourself or someone you know that made it into your story, whether that's a personality quirk, a unique interest/obsession, or a characteristic turn of phrase?

I did write my bitey kitty under a different name into a scene of my story.

As for the people, I did mean Brian to have my husband's passion for baseball, but Brian ended up with a major talent in art. The baseball passion might just make it into the book on edit, but we'll see. It could be something for him and Kevin to bond over.

I would also say Leah and David's father has my grandparents' ambition and drive to succeed, though in the book the dad is much more dictatorial about what he wants David especially to be doing with his life. My grandparents never, unlike this character, tried to tell me what career to get into. In the book, though, there's this conflict because David wants to become a chef, whereas his father wants him to follow in his footsteps and go to college and become an accountant.

Leah's got my love of singing, my shyness, and my approach to the world of reacting on instinct and intuition first and then logic.

So, who's in your book? If you want to participate in today's YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday, leave a link to your blog post here!


  1. ahhh, nice. Sounds like a good mix of reality and creativity.

  2. Interesting! It's funny how you intend to make characters have a certain trait and they end up being completely different. :)

  3. Fiction = ability to mix the best traits together in one person!


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