What Book Character Would You Want as your Next Door Neighbor?

Yes, folks, it's another Wednesday. And that means it's time for YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday. If you want to participate in their blog carnival and answer this question, feel free to post about it on your blog and leave a link to it here. But before you do, here's my thoughts:

Ok, first thought is the Weasley family. Who wouldn't want to live next door to these red-headed dynamos? With Molly's cooking, Arthur's cool muggle gadgets enchanted with great spells, Fred and George's pranks, not to mention all the stories Ron and Ginny could tell, living next door to this family would be quite an adventure! Though I'd want the house to be just far enough away not to have to hear their ghoul in the attic, or hear the bangs and other assorted loud noises every time Fred and George apparate or work on their experiments.

I'm sure they'll be popular neighbors, so here's one other idea. How about Stephanie Plum? She sure has an adventurous life. Maybe a little too adventurous. It might be safer to live next to her boyfriend Morelli. He's in a nice neighborhood, and maybe they and my husband and I could have cookouts on the weekend or whatever. They'd be a fun couple to hang out with. Bob the dog is cute, and I'd be willing to look after him when they needed, even just to let him out or take him for a walk.

Who would you want as your next door neighbor?


  1. Hmm, the Weasleys seem to be the most popular neighbors in this prompt. I chose them as well. :)

  2. Yeah, the Weasleys would be great fun, but that ghoul could be a problem. And also the chronic garden gnome infestation.

    I don't know Stephanie Plum and Morelli, but they sound like they'd make lovely neighbours :-)

  3. Yes, I'd love to live next door to the Weasleys, too. Who wouldn't?

  4. Bailey,
    They sure were the most popular neighbors! Great to find others who picked them as well :)


    Oh, of course! I totally forget about the garden gnome infestation. Well, I'm sure there's a lot of us who would pitch in to help de-gnome the neighborhood.

    Stephanie Plum is a bounty hunter, but she's not all that great at it. She gets into all sorts of hilarious scrapes as she goes after her FTAs (guys that fail to appear in court). She frequently has her apartment broken into, and her car exploded. Luckily, she has fellow bounty hunter Ranger (who is very good at what he does) to keep her supplied with cars. Morelli is a cop and lives in a safer area, so better to live by him than in Stephanie's apartment complex.


    Exactly! What more fun neighbors could you ask for?

  5. I think the garden gnomes would be kind of cute, actually... :) my cats would love to chase them, hehe

  6. LOL, now I'm picturing my cat chasing them...

    She would love it, too! But the poor gnomes would pack up and move to the farthest neighborhood possible if she did! :)


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