What Universe Would You Choose?

This week's YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday prompt is: If you could live within the universe of one book, which would you choose?

Wow. That probably has to be the most fun question imaginable! How fun would it be, to be like one of the Sliders and just 'slide' into a universe of our own choosing? At least, there's got to be a way to rig the device so that it's set to go just where I'd want to go, right? Right?

But where to, aside from the world I'm creating in The MirrorMasters?


The moon in The Darkangel Trilogy?

Hogwarts in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? That would be amazing to learn magic, explore the castle, and check out the shops in Hogsmeade. And to be able to spend time in the greatest room in all the castle, the Room of Requirement, would be my fantasy from my role playing days come true! There have been so many fun, dramatic role plays set in that room that I would love to actually see it in person. That settles it. Hogwarts it is! And if Mandee comes with me on this trip, we could check out that game we role played having the Room of Requirement bring to life for us :)

Where would you choose to go? I'd love to hear your comments here. And if you decide to participate with a blog post of your own, link it here at YA Highway so others can check it out, too!


  1. After two choices, I settled on Hogwarts too. Seems to be a favorite!

  2. Oooo. The Room of Requirement. I forgot about that part...that does lean things in favor of Hogwarts as a final pick.

  3. Hogwarts definitely seems to be a popular choice, for a lot of different reasons. It's been fun to see everybody's picks and why they chose them.

  4. Hogwarts is a very worthy pick, and so is Narnia.

  5. I didn't think of Narnia. That's a great one! I said Anna and the French Kiss. Fun, safe (um, no demons, vampires, or Voldemort) and a hot boy to go with it.

  6. I'd love to live in the universe of the rp that I'm a part of right now, but if I had to choose one from a book, I'd go with Hogwarts too. ^^

  7. Everyone's got such fantastic ideas!

    Mandee, that rp sounds like fun! LOL, it would definitely be fun to visit the universe of the rp's we've done...though I'm not sure I'd actually want to live as Ariel with everything I put her through ;).

  8. LOL I am old so dibs on Snape....mmmm Alan Rickman! come on by if you get a second I am following you and will stop back later!


  9. Will do! Snape is such a wonderfully complex character, and Alan Rickman plays him so well. I'm so looking forward to his big scene in Deathly Hallows, not to mention the Snape/Lily memories :).

    Ok, off to check out and follow your blog!

  10. Yes , he really was not how I saw Snape...the way he purrs his words is too hot...LOL. It takes a great one to billow a cape so darkly and look so fine in it. But I have to say he was awesome in Quiggly Down Under and Sweeny Todd, but it was his voice that always stopped me in my tracks. Not a pretty face but somehow handsome anyway...lol


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