YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday: Deserted Island

Ok, so I couldn't resist answering this fun question from YA Highway:

You're packing for a month on a deserted island. What, as a reader and writer, must be in your backpack?

Not in my backpack, but my husband would be coming along with me. This lovely deserted island just wouldn't be paradise without him. With him, it would be. Yeah, so maybe this is supposed to be our getaway alone, but I wouldn't have to be alone to still get a lot of reading and writing done.

Sunscreen. And aloe after sun care. Wouldn't want to spend the time sore and uncomfortable, right?

Swimsuit. We'd be spending a lot of time out in the water.

Some clothes. I'd pack light, but would pack the essentials.


Lots of books. To save space I'd love to bring my Kindle, but I'd have to have a way of charging it and any electronics.

Forget the laptop. Wouldn't want anything to happen to it. So, instead I'd pack a few notebooks and plenty of pens for writing.

IPod. Gotta have my music!

A few assorted snacks for when we need a little something different from fish and coconuts. (Including sweets...thanks, Jen for the idea! Hmm...maybe with all that coconut around there'd be a way to make yummy coconut cookies...)

Ok, that pretty much covers it! I'd love to hear what others would bring.


  1. I'm a new follower!! *waves* Hi!!!

    I would add sweets... I have a sweet tooth like no other!! Yikes, that reminds me I have a dentist appointment tomorrow! I'm a bundle of nerves!

  2. *waves*

    Hi, Jen!!! Thanks for following! :)

    Yep, definitely have to have the sweets. Hehe, I have a sweet tooth, too. Good luck at the dentist tomorrow! I hope all goes well for you.

    Oh, that reminds me that I have a dentist appointment later this month.

  3. My problem is that all the sweets I love melt in the heat. Maybe I should pack an ice chest, too.

  4. Hi, Kate!

    Yeah, an ice chest is a great idea to keep sweets and drinks cool.

  5. The sweets sound great. Or, I wonder how possible it would be to bring ingredients and bake cookies over a fire?

  6. I'm bringing my husband, too! Great list. I didn't think about sweets. Something like Twizzlers would be great.

  7. Hi, Kaitlin and Abby! Thanks for your comments!

    Hmm, even if the cookie making doesn't quite work out, it would probably still taste yummy.

    Glad to hear you're bringing your husband, too, Abby! And thanks :) Ooh, Twizzlers would be yummy to have along and probably pretty melt-resistant. My husband loves Twizzlers.


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