Hub Pages: An Exciting Place for Writers

Recently, I started a Hub Pages account after discovering this cool site for authors of all types of writing. The site has many writers offering everything from articles on a wide array of topics, to creative writing. I was most pleased to find that there are a lot of creative writers on the site, with hubs displaying poetry, short stories, and even chapters of longer original stories.

The site itself has been a fun experience. Not only has it been great to become part of a writing community again, the people there have proven to be helpful, friendly, and welcoming. They have fun competitions, and there are incentives for writers to do well there. You can earn hubkarma and have an overall hub score based on the quality of your writing, as well as other factors, such as linking to other quality hubs, comments and other participation in the community, and feedback from others on what you have written. Creating a hub is easy, with a wide variety of features to include in your hub: text, pictures, news, YouTube videos, and more. And you can sign up for various avenues of monetizing your pages to earn a little money from your writing. If you already have a blog but are looking to join a writing community, this is definitely a good one.

I've posted the first two chapters of The MirrorMasters there so far, and may post more of it. If you want to check it out, the link to my hub pages profile is here.


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