The Step Back

Chapter 6 is finished! Or, rather, a first draft of it is finished. Now I'm thinking it's time to take a step back and review what I've accomplished. Yes, this is the point where doubts and second guessing are starting to set in. Is the overall pace of the story going well? Do all my scenes accomplish what they are meant to, and are they all engaging enough to keep readers on the edge of their seats, eager for more?

Admittedly, it's not at that level yet.

Time to go back and rework those pesky, awkward sentences that I know are in there. Time to go back and read out loud to see what sounds natural and what needs to change. That's something I've never done before, but recently I came across this great piece of advice. I'm going to try it. And, it's time to assess where improved descriptions are needed to make the writing lively and fresh.

In a way, all of this can seem so daunting. But I'll forge ahead in the faith that when everything is polished, it'll turn out really well. After several sessions of this along the way, the completed manuscript will be that much improved and ready for the final work of editing to begin.

For those of you working on a novel, what's your writing and editing process?


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