Operaton Step Back is Complete. Now to Continue the Adventure...

After a major, major revision of the first chapter of The MirrorMasters and some light editing of the rest of the chapters I have so far, my step back is done! It's a great feeling. I updated the chapters on Protagonize last night, and added Chapter 6 this morning. So far there's no feedback yet, but hopefully soon. While I wait for that, I might work on a short piece and maybe even add some character pages to my website. I think it'd be cute to have a profile page devoted to each of the major characters, where they could sort of blog about their lives and post comments to each other. Or something. I'll think of some sort of creative and fun way to bring the world of The MirrorMasters to life. If you have any ideas, or want to share things you've done on your websites to bring the world of your story to life online, please comment here and let us all know!


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