Aspiring Authors: Kindle for Profit?

Have any of you out there placed a short story, a blog, or a completed novel on Kindle? It would be great to find out how sales go and what strategies people use to get their work on Kindle noticed. One idea I had from the online research I've been doing lately is that it might just be a good idea to work on some short pieces to sell and build up readership. I read one blog post somewhere (but for the life of me I can't remember now where it was) about an author placing a beta version of his novel on Kindle to bring it to the public and get feedback while submitting it for traditional publication. Pretty cool, right? Sales and feedback, without the wait of publishers making the decision about whether or not to put your book in print.

Just off the top of my head, here are a few free marketing ideas to let others know your work is available and to draw others to read it:

1. Participating in the Amazon forums, posting a plug for your work in the appropriate place to advertise. You could also have a link in your signature so that others can explore your work after seeing your posts that ideally should make a valuable contribution to whatever topic you decide to post in. It's free exposure for your work! For that manner, use this as a signature in whatever forums you participate.

2. Use the social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter. Join an existing group, or create one that potential readers will enjoy and find interesting.

3. Create a banner for your book that others can adopt and display on their sites. Offer to display their banner on your website in return.

4. Create an author website, and have a web page devoted to each piece of your work.

Anybody else have great ideas about marketing/promotion to share?

Thoughts of going forward with this are really giving me some motivation to work even harder on creating a portfolio of short stories. Who knows? Maybe I'd be able to work on short stories while still focusing on finishing my book...and manage to get it all done. Yes, I'm still working hard on The MirrorMasters. It's slow going, but today finishing up my edit of Chapter 1 is on the agenda. There's a lot more to do, really, but it's been fun. Maybe I'll do an update later when it's finished. Here's hoping that today will be a very productive day!


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