The Plot Thickens...

I did get a bit further in writing The MirrorMasters over the past two days, but didn't manage to reach the goal yet of finishing Chapter 5. Still, every bit counts, and I'm another few pages or so along. So, it's going to be fun. Just writing now about what I have in mind for the next scene in the chapter is transforming it into another candy bar scene for me :) Can't wait to write this!

By now, everyone's at the boardwalk pavillion, and Brian will be along soon. He'll be finished unpacking enough to set up his room and take a lunch break. The chemistry between him and Leah continues, and it'll be so cute to see the two of them together. And to see him getting to know the rest of the group, too. Enter a guy from school, Jason, who likes Leah. The feeling's not mutual. Not that he's that bad a guy, but there's just no feeling of connection on Leah's part. He's Mark Jacob's son, and not only is he on the football team, he's an aspiring cop like his dad. Anyway, Jason's somewhat moved on to dating head cheerleader Cailley, who's there at the beach with him. He's hoping Leah will be jealous, and even Cailley's flaunting the fact that Jason's dating
her and not Leah.

Meanwhile, Leah's oblivious to all that and is going to be genuinely thrilled that the two of them are planning to go to the end-of-school bash together at the Wharf next Saturday night. She doesn't realize that Jason still likes her. Not to mention she's basically just relieved that he's not still pestering her to go out with him, though she's too kind to admit this to anyone but her best friends. And Jason and Cailley are going to be annoyed, each for their own reasons, that Leah's not jealous. Jason's going to end up being the jealous one instead, because Leah and Brian are clearly smitten with each other. Cailley is going to be miffed by Leah's lack of reaction to her taunting and flaunting. And Kara is totally amused by the whole thing. She's going to have to explain it all to our dear, innocent Leah afterwards. Poor Leah! Even without being smitten with Brian, Leah would probably still be endearingly clueless about Jason and Cailley's motives.

Hmm...I'm thinking that this is probably going to be a great moment where Kara will have something important to teach Leah about that. A lesson that will help Leah later as she faces the witch and the Drakes in a situation where she needs to figure out what everyone's motivations really are.

So as not to reveal too much about what's to come in the MirrorMasters, I'll avoid any major spoilers in any of my posts. Especially anything to do with plans for what's going to happen further down the line. But writing this little piece of scene development has really been helpful. It's given me a bit of extra motivation, because it promises to be really fun. It's shed a bit more insight into a few of the characters, and it's really going to help further the plot in ways I'm just beginning to imagine but can't yet reveal.


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