Petite Clothing

Is anyone else out there frustrated about the lack of cute petite clothing? Oh, it's out there, but the available styles are much more limited than the varied selection that non-petites enjoy. If I were a clothing designer, I would definitely provide my looks in a variety of sizes, so that the proportions would fit everyone, and so everyone who found a particular item of clothing could find it in their size to fit their frame perfectly.

But finding a designer who does that would maybe only happen in an ideal world. The reality of being really petite is that you have a lot more work to do to find tops, and especially slacks and jeans, in the right size. One tip, besides doing a lot of searching and trying on, is to make good friends with a tailor. I've also found that with a little heel, there are some cute petite slacks and cords that aren't too long. For those of us who need a very petite inseam, some brands like Dockers make slacks and jeans in petite-short length. And, if you're still having no luck with finding anything in the right length while you're out shopping, a cute petite skirt is always a great option! Sometimes outside of a petite department, it's possible to find tops that fit, particularly in small and x-small sizes that might be more proportional to a petite frame. I'm fairly petite, at 5 feet tall, and can still sometimes pull off tops at stores such as Charlotte Russe that don't have a petite department.

There are still many stores out there with good petites departments, or a selection of petite clothes. I hope all of this helps, and feel free to share any great finds and ideas you have!

Ann Taylor Loft - their slacks are usually too long for me, but they've got cute tops and dresses, and good sales!

Kohls - typically has a lot of cute petite clothes

Sears - the one in Neshaminy Mall has a really good petite department

JC Penny - another good place to find petites

Macy's - they have a great selection of petite clothing

Old Navy -they carry jeans in short length, and I recently found an adorable pair of Diva skinny jeans that were perfect!

Delias- has certain styles of jeans, cords, and trousers that come in various petite inseams, though most are online

The Gap - has petite fit online, and ankle length trousers


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