Expanding my Fashion Horizons

Ok, so I've enjoyed a recent shopping spree, and was determined to find some clothes at stores other than the ones I usually frequent. Ross had an adorable dress, and they have petite sizes! So, I snagged that and a pretty sleeveless top. I found a cute sundress at Aeropostale, and a couple of great shirts at Ambercrombie and Fitch. Finding slacks and pants the right length is still tricky, but then it's always a good idea to make friends with a good tailor. That mission has been accomplished, and I have a cute pair of white slacks from Kohls that finally got tailored to the right length (since practically every store insists on even petite inseams being 30"!) Ok, I'll have to stop complaining about that and just buy the cute pants from whatever store I see them in, and get them tailored next time. Old Navy has some great work slacks, and a lot of stores do have them.

Anyway, I've also managed to score a couple of cropped pants, as these tend to be the right length for me with no tailoring needed. American Eagle had really cute artist cropped pants in white, but my size wasn't in, so I had to pass them up. Otherwise, they'd have made great skinny jeans that I could probably get away with wearing to work. Oh, well. The thing about shopping is, once you find something you know you really like, you can look around for the right size...and watch for it to go on sale!

Did I mention that sale was my very first word? It was.


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