Candy Bar Scenes

So, a little while back, I came across an author's website devoted to helping other authors succeed. As I'm just really beginning my learning experience, this piece of advice stood out to me (and I take no credit for it).

The advice to maintain your motivation through the entire process of finishing a book is to intersperse your "candy bar scenes" along the way. Isn't that a great name for it? These are the scenes that are the sweet ones, the dessert of your novel that you can't wait to write. In the MirrorMasters, I have a number of them. One of them I've already written, and it is the scene in which Leah finally confronts the fact that it's not safe for her to stay on Earth, and has to suddenly say goodbye to her brother as she escapes capture. Capture by who? I'm not telling yet ;). There are some other scenes that are going to be really awesome to write, like the first bonding moment between Leah and Brian, where they end up meeting out on the beach. She's just out for a walk and comes across him at a time when he's stormed out of the house after an argument with his dad after he learns some major family secret(s) that have been kept from him. I also can't wait to write the first glimpse of a new world, Jantyr. It's breathtakingly beautiful in my imagination, and it'll be such a fun challenge to bring it to life in the story!

The idea of candy bar scenes was new to me, but the feeling definitely isn't. I remember so many times during my role playing days the breathless anticipation of wondering what's going to happen next, and the eagerness to get to the next major scene when a revelation or dramatic event would happen. It's like that now in writing my current story, though it hasn't yet recaptured the intensity of those feelings. Maybe some of it was the suspense of waiting to see what my role play partner would come up with, and the synergy that working together on a storyline could create.


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