Taking Her Life Back: Story Notes

Ok, so I didn't get around to this last night. But I did create a new blog on WordPress! Maybe there it might be easier to find readership for my sites. Who knows? In the meantime, I will continue to write. Here is what I have so far for the first story, entitled Taking Her Life Back. It's the story of a young woman institutionalized after suspecting her stepmother as being responsible for her father's death. I've figured out what the event is that leads to her institutionalization, and probably what some of the clues are that cause Amelia to suspect her stepmother. Though my initial thought had been to include those ideas here as part of the notes, it'll probably work better to let you see if for your self in the story! But along with this synopsis of the story, I'll give a brief introduction to the characters.


Amelia Winthrop - Age 17, about to turn 18. She's got long, straight brown hair with blue eyes. The oldest of two from a wealthy family, she is alternately very responsible when it comes to her schoolwork and her younger sister, and very fun-loving and spontaneous. She does her best to find joy in life, particularly so because she knows all too well how short life can be. Her mother died when she was quite young, and her father Charles recently passed away. An intelligent young woman, she's putting together the clues that her stepmother may be responsible for her father's passing...

Lexie Winthrop - Age 11. She's a bit quieter and more shy than her older sister, whom she resembles. With no memory of their mother, she envies Amelia for the fact that she does have a great many wonderful memories with ther mom. Oh, how Lexie wishes to have had that experience! Since that's not possible, she on occasion asks Amelia everything she can think of about their mother. Lexie is into sports and plays soccer for her school team. When their stepmother came into the picture two years ago, Lexie was less resistant than Amelia to the addition to their family. She'd never really had a true mother figure prior to this, though their former housekeeper, Maria, came close.

Alicia Ramirez - Age 18. She is the spunky, outspoken daughter of Maria. When Maria passed away of a heart attack about a year ago, Charles Winthrop became her guardian and fulfilled his promise to Maria to take care of Alicia. Having grown up with the Winthrop girls, she and Amelia have become best friends, as close as sisters. Alicia is fiercely protective of the girls, and looks out for Lexie while Amelia is away.

Victoria Cole-Winthrop - The stepmother. In her early 40's, she is quite a bit younger than Charles and undeniably beautiful with shoulder-length blond curls and blue eyes. Having no occupation of her own or desire for one, she has presented herself as a wealthy heiress. Clearly, she enjoys a high-maintenance lifestyle, including having her own hairstylist and going for frequent manicures/pedicures.

The Lawyers of Winthrop-Smythe - Charles' collegues and friends at the lawfirm he helped establish. They come to Amelia's rescue in the effort to find out the truth and have her released from the local psychiatric hospital.


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