Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Only 86 days to go!

Well, we've hit the 3 month mark now, and we're closer to that long-awaited film than we were before the WB decided that they needed to make us wait so long to see the movie. Finally we won't have to wait much longer! I just heard that the date has yet again been changed, to two days earlier. So now the movie will open on Wednesday, July 15. It's a shame in a way, both because of people's travel plans that will again be thrown off and because I'd been hoping to see it at a midnight showing on opening day. What with all the media we've been shown, from pictures to a multitude of trailers, it feels like we've already seen and heard so much about the movie. Everything really does look amazing, from the acting to the special effects.

Is anyone else planning to be there at midnight, seeing it in IMAX 3D? There are a couple of options for that where I am; Stephen and I recently discovered a second theater not too far from us that now has IMAX. We saw Order of the Phoenix at one of them last time. It was amazingly done, and I'm so looking forward to seeing the cave scene in 3 D this time! The cave scene looks incredible!

I haven't been spending as much time anymore on the discussion forums like HPANA (In fact, it's been so long since I logged in that I probably would have to reregister with a new account to get back on), so it's been a bit since reading what people are saying about the Half Blood Prince. Come by and share your thoughts! Here are a few of mine for now:


It's really exciting that Quidditch is back. I've missed that in the past two movies. Oh, and it would be wonderful to see Luna's commentary for one of the matches; it was absolutely hilarious in the book!

The Added Burrow Attack Scene:

There are probably mixed feelings among fans about this added scene. I'm not a canon purist who minds things like this. If it's done well, and I think it will be, it should be a wonderful way of bringing the impact of the war in a real, primary way. In the books, we didn't see it hit that close to home until Deathly Hallows, when the students were all impacted at Hogwarts, Luna was captured, and the trio dealt with danger and attacks on their quest to find and destroy the horcruxes.

The Humor:

From the looks of it, the Half Blood Prince will strike a nice balance of humor and thrills. It's a shame they overplayed the "But I am the Chosen One," library scene with Hermione smacking Harry on the head for having said it. We've seen it so much in the trailers now that it could be a bit old by the time we see it in the movie. But at least there are sure to be some great laughs. The love potion scene was just perfect from what one of the trailers showed!

The Cuts :

The cuts are probably going to be what fans will most gripe about. I'm not going to list them here because I don't want to spoil anyone who wants to remain unspoiled. But there are some cuts that I wish would not have been made. And there was definitely a change that surprised me, though it will probably turn out well in the context of the movie. Overall, though, I'm sure we will have a great movie.

Again, please share your thoughts about the Half Blood Prince movie. Accio July 15.




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