Another Role Play Update!

Ok, so I still haven't gotten around to writing my first original story yet, but I have been doing more role playing. Oh, and I've added a bunch more role play excerpts to my website. There's been a lot of progress on the time travel role play with Ariel and Matt. That's the one we've been focusing on. I did post again a brief post on the Students Against Riddle role play, and we haven't worked on the role play with Camille lately.

Ariel now knows what happens in the future. Christian ended up coming into control, and between his revelations and her figuring things out, she discovered that her parents were killed and that she herself ended up dead in his time. Christian even told her about his role in the least to some extent. She knows that he helped Slytherin.

Speaking of Slytherin, he showed up for a second time in the role play. They now have plans to visit Ariel's twin brother, along with Matt (and Slytherin has promised to make sure Christian has some time to be in control during part of the visit). And to Ariel's relief, they are all in agreement that they want to prevent the tragic events of the future. After Slytherin leaves again, Ariel and Christian decided to practice using the Room of Requirement in order to prepare for whatever the future brings. After all, who knows how long this tenuous peace will last? Ariel and Christian discovered that the room will grant a request to keep anything dangerous (e.g., weapons or spells) from working in the room. Another lesson learned was that one can't undo a request another has made of the room; instead, a way around a request has to be found.

Eventually, Matt returned, and Ariel filled him in on what happened with Christian and Slytherin. He also explained the multiple personalities situation to Ariel. And that's the point we have reached in the role play! It's been fun and dramatic, and I really think the future will bring even more drama, with something happening to cause Slytherin to forget that he truly wants a peaceful solution...


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