Snow, Beautiful Snow!

(A post written at the beginning of the month and rescued from my about-to-be-deleted freewebs website)

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Well, it certainly came in like a lion!

Overnight, several inches to perhaps a foot of dry, powdery snow have fallen (though it's difficult to tell just how much because of drifting caused by winds). If it were not such a cloudy day, the world would have become a wintry fairlyand. As it is, the snow is quite pretty. And it's not yet finished coming down just yet.

But I can't wait to get to warmer weather!

No more slow, careful, slightly (or very) nervewracking drives to or from work. No more turning on the heat in the car and shivering until it kicks in. No more confusion about whether it's supposed to be really chilly or fairly warm on any given day, as though winter and spring were fighting for dominance.

Come on, Spring! At least daylight savings time begins next weekend. Already the days are noticeably longer, but it'll be wonderful to have it really start to stay lighter later into the evening. Soon after, in maybe just a few weeks now with the true advent of Spring, we'll get consistent warmer weather. Maybe just into the 50's and 60's at first, and slowly warming up to the 70's. It'll be light earlier, and hopefully my husband and I will be drawn outside for early morning walks....or maybe even to the gym to get into shape for summer.

I can't wait!




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