Roleplay Recap

So, here's the latest updates.

There are a lot of dramatic developments going on right now in both role plays, and both are turning out to be really awesome!

First, Salazar Slytherin was brought into the Matt/Ariel role play. It wasn't how I had envisioned it, because initially my plan had been to have the role play move ahead to nighttime, when Slytherin would show up in a nightmare of Ariel's. And my thought had been that when Ariel told Matt about the nightmare, it might prompt him to tell her more about what's going on, both with himself (the time travel) and with Slytherin. Instead, we decided to bring Slytherin into what was already happening in the Room of Requirement. Ariel at first took him for a professor, and soon learned that he was a family member...and that Matt doesn't like him for some reason. Matt hasn't yet explained it, but hopefully that'll happen once Slytherin makes his exit from his first appearance in the role play. For now, he's playing nice but with ulterior motives. Namely, since Ariel is younger he's hoping she's more vulnerable and able to be molded to his way of thinking. He has plans to take her to see her twin brother, whom she now knows about much earlier than in the original timeline, and Matt has asked to go along. I'm thinking that Slytherin might agree to that, as Ariel will want him along. Now I just have to figure out where I'm going with the Slytherin thing. Probably, my next step will be to have him promise to make the trip to visit Ariel's twin brother soon, then bid the kids farewell for now. That way, Ariel and Matt will have time to themselves to talk.

In the role play with Camille, the big secret was let slip! Matt and Ariel now know that she's their future daughter. Long ago, Sabrina and I had planned to have this huge revelation happen in this role play, and last time she remembered the plan. How did we accomplish this? Well, it happened accidentally, with Camille letting slip a softly spoken "thanks, Mom," without thinking after Ariel had comforted her about the whole emotion of meeting her past self's killer. Well, Matt and Ariel heard this, and they both began to ask her about this. After confirming that Ariel was indeed her mother, Camille also reluctantly revealed when questioned by Matt that he was her father. Needless to say, they figured out pretty quickly that something must have happened to Matt's girlfriend Lisa. Otherwise, Ariel and Matt would not have gotten together. Camille admitted this much, but now they're trying to figure out together how much more should be revealed to Matt and Ariel and where to go from there. Hmm...should Camille reveal that Lisa died in childbirth? There's a lot to think about, because if there's a way to prevent what happens to Lisa, and ensure that Matt and Lisa's daughter Danielle is born, they have to try. But they also are torn between doing this, and risking changing things so much that Camille and her twin sister Cara (who is in the girls' own time) are prevented from being born. What to do, what to do? Only time will tell. Can't wait to see how it all plays out!

That's what's been going on lately with the saga. I haven't had much time to post, but will do so this week. By now, I probably also owe a post on the Students Against Riddle role play with Elizabeth. Anyway, I'll do another of these role play updates as soon as there's more to report!




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