Moving Websites

Moving to a new website is a bit like moving house. You need a larger place, so you search the cool features of different sites to find somewhere that fits and that's just what you need. You spend a lot of time sorting through what to keep and what to discard. You spend even more time setting everythinig up the way you want all over again.

Originally, my website was set up on freewebs. Once I had things basically set up with all my role play information....or a good bit of it, anyway...I left things alone for several years. But when I got the inspiration to start writing again and expand the site, it turned out that there was a 20 page limit. And this limit was reached very quickly. It was a shame to have to find another place to set up my website, because I liked freewebs. Editing the pages was easy. The look of the site was really attractive, and the templates looked great! There was also a blog, a guestbook and forums, which were fun interactive features. But I needed a website that could grow with me, where I could create as many pages as I wished.

So now, my website is set up on google sites at:

Google sites is awesome in a lot of ways. There's no page limit, and a ton of storage space. Editing is still really easy, and I've found a pretty template. They even have a variety of gadgets that you can add to the side bar, including a counter, which I used on my site to count down the days until the release of the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie. The only things I miss are the ability to use google adsense and put affiliate banners on google site web pages. After the move and getting things all set up (including creating this blog and a signing up for a new guestbook), I've spent a bit of time working on adding more role play excerpts. Hopefully the next updates will include adding content to the original fiction section as time permits.




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