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These days, it's hard to find time for role play, and I'm especially looking to devote a good bit of energy and effort into building up this site. I still have the role play bug, of course. It's something I'd miss if there weren't any role plays going on.

Fortunately, there is Sabrina's' site, Hogwarts: 60's Style. I sometimes play Elizabeth there, and I'm about to get into a role play soon where she joins a group formed against Tom Riddle. For those who don't know the premise of the site, Tom Riddle did become Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. He helped Elizabeth get herself re-established at Hogwarts, but Elizabeth is going to help her best friend Chelsea try to put a stop to Tom's ventures into the Dark Arts before things go even farther. Tom's probably too far gone, but Elizabeth won't give up hope.

Meanwhile on the site, I've got two other role plays going.

One is an AU (alternate universe) one that began with an idea from another website. Ariel didn't survive the climactic battle with Slytherin in her 6th year. Now, Matt has journeyed back to the past in the form of his second-year self in order to change what has happened. Yes, I know it's not a good idea to mess with history, but it's been a blast so far to play out. Little first-year Ariel doesn't yet know that her new friend Matt, whom she met this time around just after her sorting into Gryffindor, is her best friend from the future and that he's there to try and save her life. He hasn't yet told her what's to come, but they have made progress in beginning to understand the reincarnation awakening. Well...Ariel has, anyway. Matt already knows much more than he's letting on yet.

The other role play is set in Hogwarts library in Ariel's seventh year. She and Camille (who is, unbeknownst to Matt and Ariel, their daughter from the future) happen to meet up in the library after Ariel finishes up some studying. There, the girls and Matt come across a guy they know all too well from the past. Now, in this past, Camille was a tinfoil-hat-wearing, Conspiracy theory girl named Chelsea Turner. Her brother, Mark, was Matt's past self. Their father, Hank Turner, really ticked off a crime organization known simply as, well, the Organization. In retaliation for killing one of their own, the Organization then targeted the Turner family, particularly the kids. Chelsea was the first of the Turners to be murdered, and now in Ariel's time, they confront the reincarnation of the guy, Edward, who killed Chelsea. As it turns out, the group discovers from researching old newspapers that he has a connection to Ariel, because Edward turned out to have been Elizabeth's brother! Edward was born some time after Elizabeth's death. Their father, an attorney, had been the lead prosecutor in the case against the Organization at the time Edward was just a baby. One of the higher-ups in the Organization had retaliated by kidnapping Edward and raising him as his own...


Totally understandable if all of this storyline is confusing, because there's so much to it. It's a story that's evolved over a number of years now. And it probably doesn't help that we love time travel and AU role plays so much! But I hope you enjoy the episode descriptions. Maybe I'll post something from them in the excerpts section.





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