How do you Find Time to Write?

Life gets so busy and hectic, it can be really difficult to find time to write. And even in those moments, overcoming a lack of motivation and inspiration can be a major challenge. Now that my website is basically all set up, it's finally time to get started with actually writing stories to add to the original fiction section. This was something I'd hoped to get started with sooner, but that didn't happen.

We all have times like these, when there's something that we either need or want to get done. I think it basically comes down to motivation and to making the time to do the task. It's easy when motivation is high, but what about when it's not? After all, wouldn't one of the short stories be started by now if I were really motivated? Probably so, because when that level of motivation is there, it becomes a priority. Which means that available time gets devoted to the writing, and it gets accomplished.

So, how do you get to that point?

I do have in mind the story I want to begin with, and a rough idea in my head. From there, it's a matter of taking that first step to get the ball rolling. Starting to flesh things out by developing the characters and then an outline might just spark the kind of creativity, exciting ideas, and fun connections that really make it impossible to resist working more on the story! When can I do some of this? Well, in the car on the way to work to further flesh out what's already in my head, though it would be even more helpful to do this at the computer where I can make typed notes. But it could be a start. There's too much to do all at once, but doing a bit at a time should work out well. I'm used to doing posts, and so I may end up writing the story that way, a "post" at a time as I add a bit more whenever there's the chance. We'll see how this goes!

Ok, so these ideas aren't by any means new. But hopefully this has inspired you to get started on writing out the story idea you have, and adapting these ideas to your own work style. Good luck, and let me know how it goes for you. I'll update you, too, as I also make progress!




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