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Author Spotlight: K. R. Martin and The Pirate Princess

Today on the blog I want to welcome fellow Clean Reads author K. R. Martin, with her novel The Pirate Princess and a fun interview you won't want to miss!

K R Martin

And now, for the interview!

LP :Your book sounds amazing — a princess-to-be/pirate gains some mad swordplay skills and uses them to fight injustice, fight for her kingdom. What was the inspiration for the novel?

KRM: It's been so long since I wrote the first draft that I'm not entirely sure where the inspiration came from. Other than the fact that I grew up with Disney Princesses, so I love that fairy-tale style story, but I also enjoy sword fighting, and a girl who can hold her own with guys. 
LP: I grew up on Disney Princesses, too, and I love the feisty, strong ones! That's one of the reasons The Pirate Princess sounds fantastic! What’s your favorite scene from the novel?
KRM:I think my favorite scene is when Renee first meets her pirate crew. She doesn't realize they're actually good at the time, …

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